How to Get Safe FFXIV Gil

Not only for the players who like to farm dungeons but also for the ones who like crafting, FFXIV Gil is really a convenient and important tool. But it is not easy to collect, especially for the busy players. More and more players choose to buy ffxiv gil on website instead of collecting it themselves. The players who didn’t buy FFXIV GIL before but in need of it may have scruple as following. We  are selling FFXIV Gil and give FFXIV guide, if you want to buy FFXIV Gil, you can contact us on our site

l  May I get banned after buying ffxiv gil?
l  If the sellers get my account info, will I be disturbed by spam?
l  How to choose a safe website to buy ffxiv gil?
Firstly, none of the customers who bought ffxiv gil from mmogah have been banned. If you choose a trustworthy website, there is no risk. Normally there are 4 kinds of secure ways to delivery.
l  Face to face. It is the most common method. It is fast, most of the customers choose this way.
l  Buy the items you need from the Market Board then trade the items instead of FFXIV gil. If you need items on the MB just in time, it is a good way
l  Deposit your ffxiv gil to your FC chest.
l  Though MB, you will get 5% FFXIV GIL less of your order.
If you buy ffxiv gil at, you can choose any delivery method you prefer. We sell ffxiv gil for 5 years. We are not only sellers but also players so we try our best to protect customers’ beneficial in the view of players.